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Forthcoming: Grey Areas: How Intolerance of Ambiguity Makes Bisexual and Transgender People the Casu

The literature shows that individuals with a low tolerance for ambiguity (Hill 2010, Nagoshi 2008) are more likely to express bias against bisexual and transgender people. This lower ambiguity tolerance is also more likely to correlate with religious fundamentalism, a finding that may describe how Religious-Right anti-LGBTQ advocacy has been able to gain such ground within the greater Right in recent years. Set for publication in the fall of 2019, this paper will explore those correlations, as well as the specific impacts of anti-LGBTQ advocacy on bisexual and transgender people (eg specific health disparities, erasure from legal discourse, targeting for violence, and vulnerability to conversion therapy). As we move into a greater scientific understanding of the infinite diversity of human gender and sexuality, it is important that we also understand how bias impacts those among us who are most vulnerable.

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